Combined transport (DOOR – DOOR, DOOR – Liner Out)

Very frequently European manufacturers sell their goods on EXW terms, therefore many Russian buyers have a question about how quickly and without overpaying for delivery to get the goods in their warehouse. Not all importers can afford to maintain their own logistics department for the sake of sending several containers per month.

Our experts will help to deliver goods from the door of a European warehouse to a customer warehouse in the Russian Federation, via the port of St. Petersburg. We work only with reliable vendors who provide services at a high professional level. Development of individual logistic solutions is possible. Customers will be provided with quality service regardless of the volumes. Responsibility of the carrier is insured.

40’HCPW and 45’HCPW are available in addition to standard equipment.

The containers of these types are slightly wider than standard. Therefore an increase in cargo capacity is achieved. You can load into 40’HCPW container 30 euro pallets in 1 tier. It is 5 pallets more than can be loaded into a standard 40-foot container. For 45’HCPW this difference is even more significant, 33 euro pallets versus 27 in a standard 45’-foot container. Freight rate for wide containers is slightly higher than for standard ones, and the gain in capacity exceeds 20%. All PW are heavytested, i.e. have payload of up to 29.7 tons.

We invite you to contact the SCS-Russia office with all your questions. We will promptly respond, calculate the cost of delivery for a given route and tell you what can be optimized.